In today’s video, I will show you how to connect Xiaomi Mi Home Security cameras to a Windows Computer. We have been eagerly waiting for a Windows app that can stream videos from the Xiaomi Cameras. The official Windows PC App is from the Xiaomi subsidiary IMILab. It supports only few cameras and the official supported regions are China and India. However, in this video I will show you how to change the region to US/Europe/SE Asia etc. I will also show you how to add Mijia Camera and Xiaovv camera support to the app.

👉The Solutions to most ERRORS are given in the IMPORTANT NOTES given below.

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Video Contents:
0:00 Introduction
0:49 Features
1:42 Download, Extract, Run App
2:30 Login using Mi Account ID and Usage Guide
3:13 Firewall access, Playback Features
5:06 Change Server Region
6:22 Profile Menu Crash Problem
6:54 Check Local Network Streaming Support
8:02 Add custom cameras to the app
9:50 Concluding remarks

⏩1. No Camera, Go to Youpin Error: The default server of the Windows App is set to China. Please change it to the region of your Mi Home Mobile App as shown at 5:04. Change the machineCode from “cn” in config.dll to “sg” for Middle East & Asia, “i2” for India, “de” for EU and UK, and “us” for North and South America. Note that these are the only servers available and each server serves a region and not a country, e.g. if your Mi Home App region is Turkey, the server will be “sg”. If you put a wrong server code you will see “net error, click to retry” error.
⏩2. The following Cameras are not supported currently:
i. Xiaofang Camera
ii. Dafang Camera
iii. IMILab EC2 Camera (Only Hub shows up)
iv. IMILab
No working settings could be found for the above cameras. Please let me know if you find any device_profile settings to make them work so that I can share it to others.
⏩3. Login Failed, Please Retry Error: This error shown here: usually happens after changing your Mi account credentials. The solution is to log out from the current session. In order to do that you have to go to the “C:Users”username”AppDataRoamingimilabIMICameraConfig” folder. Open the app_info file using a text editor. Change the setting as “remember”: false instead of true. Save the file. That will log you out from the current app session. After that you should be able to login the app with your new credentials. Notes: “username” should be your current Windows User name. The AppData folder is usually hidden. If the “Config” folder is empty, please download this app_info file: and place it inside the “Config” folder and then open the app.
⏩4. System Failure, Please try again Error: This error shown here: is usually caused when you do not have a phone number linked to your Mi account. You can try logging in using your registered mobile number by clicking the button below the green login button in the app. If it does not work, you should link your mobile number to your Mi Account at
⏩5. PTZ and Playback Functions: If the PTZ function of the supported cameras is not working, then you should update the firmware of the camera to the latest version by connecting to the Chinese Server through the Mi Home Mobile App. After the successful update, you can connect back to your local server and PTZ should work in the Windows App. The Playback function works only for some Mi and Mijia cameras and the rest are not supported.
⏩6. Buffering Error and “Error while decoding frame” in the log: This error is usually caused by an incorrect “full_encrypt” value of the camera profile in the device_profile.dll. In order to solve it, you should go to your camera “model” profile in device_profile.dll and change the “full_encrypt” value. The probable values are 300, 400, 999, or 999999, etc. You have to try with each value and see. If you do not know your camera’s “model” value, then change the device_profile.dll file name to device_profile_1.dll and open the app. The app will not show any camera. Open log.txt, there you should find your camera model under “ignore model”, e.g. “ignore model:”. After noting the ignored models, change the file name back to device_profile.dll.

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