Barbie mommy , Daddy Ken and baby lol surprise doll and lil sister lol family video. Morning routine getting ready for school. Barbie mommy makes breakfast and gets baby in her school uniform, makes her lunchbox. Evening routine packing spaghetti and playing with Babysitter skipper. Barbie & Babies pack their suitcases to go traveling in the barbie pink airplane. Barbie goes grocery shopping at the supermarket with her baby lol . They have a playdate at the playground they play on the slide and even buy yummy treats!
barbie lol family is fun for everyone in your family.

Doll Episodes Featured:
Barbie Doll Family LOL Surprise Baby Morning Routine – Toddler Bedroom and Baby Nursery

Barbie Doll Family LOL Surprise Doll Gets Chicken Pox – LOL Toy Video

Barbie Doll Family LOL Surprise Baby Supermarket Routine – Miniature Grocery Shopping Cart

Barbie Doll Family LOL Surprise Baby Bedtime Night Routine – Barbie Dollhouse & Grocery Shopping

Barbie Doll Family LOL Surprise Pack Their Bags for Airplane Travel

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